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A flexible suite of services designed to assist your implementation of WSO2.

Why Chakray?

Like many technologies, WSO2 is a truly global platform, and whilst adoption rates in the UK are strong and continue to increase, onshore WSO2 expertise can be difficult to locate.

Why WSO2?

Why WSO2?


at Chakray UK

Chakray can offer a variety of career paths and opportunities particularly, though not exclusively, for talented developers and architects. We work on high profile projects for leading national and international companies, both in house, and working remotely.

That means in addition to the exciting work opportunities we can offer, we can often offer variety and flexibility in terms of work location and style.

As you would expect from the leading UK provider of WSO2 services with exclusive clientele, we have high expectations from our people.

In return our people know they can have high expectations of us when it comes to remuneration, flexibility and working conditions.

There is a strong international flavour to our business which we are very proud of as we continue to offer more overseas opportunities to our teams both at home and abroad.

experienced in WSO2?

If you already have experience working with WSO2, Chakray can offer exciting opportunities right now.

are you experienced in wso2?

Whilst good developers and architects rarely struggle for good opportunities, it is a particularly good time for someone who has experience in WSO2. As the platform continues to grow, new opportunities are in abundance in a variety of locations.

If you are already experienced in WSO2, and have the right approach towards both your own career and to delivering first class programming services, Chakray is able to discuss opportunities with you right now.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to provide us with your CV and contact details.

new to wso2?

A good understanding of Java and web services are the basis of a great WSO2 developer.

Are you new to wso2?

If you are an enthusiastic and talented developer with experience in Java and web services, now is a great time to consider making the leap to learning WSO2 platform technologies.

As a WSO2 partner, Chakray is able to offer training, certification and most importantly job opportunities where you can turn your training into practical experience working alongside a team who are rated the best in the business.

If you have around 3 years experience in the underlying technologies mentioned above, please use the form at the bottom of this page to provide us with your CV and contact details.

overseas national?

We are a global company with a diverse and talented workforce. Find out more about our UK opportunities.

Are you an overseas national?

Chakray began life as a Spanish company with a presence within the UK to fulfill our shortage in WSO2 talent. Whilst our UK presence has gone on to become both official and a little more indigenous, our international DNA remains at the heart of our service delivery.

Our team is based throughout the UK and we are always looking forward to welcoming new international talent into our family. We can provide you with accomodation, regular flights home and a settlement liaison as part of your generous remunerations package. Many of our team bring their families with them to benefit from the working conditions and education system within the UK, whilst contributing positively to the economy through their high calibre programming contributions in return.

If you are interested in a career in the UK, please use the form at the bottom of this page to provide us with your CV and contact details.

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Whether you are looking for an integration partner, or you just have a little problem to solve, please feel free to contact us by the method that suits you.

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