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The UK WSO2 Company
Consultancy & Delivery


A flexible suite of services designed to assist your implementation of WSO2.

Projects &

For organisations planning in house WSO2
projects, Chakray offers consultancy
services to design, implement or advise.

Our team can help plan your implementation working with you or with your systems integrators to ensure a robust solution.

We can provide architects and developers to work with your in house team on the delivery of your project. We can deliver ad hoc consulting to advise you at any stage of your project in relation to your WSO2 plans.

We have substantial experience integrating with a wide range of enterprise technologies, which when combined with our detailed knowledge of the WSO2 platform, makes us the perfect partner.

If you already have an existing WSO2 deployment and are looking for some advice or guidance to expand or improve your configuration, we are happy to provide assistance.


When your systems cannot fail, neither
can your support team.

Your WSO2 middleware platform is an infrastructure that will last your organisation for many years, but who will be there to help you once your new systems are deployed?

First, we can provide a comprehensive WSO2 training suite which can be used to skill up your in house team giving you autonomy over your systems.

Second, we are available to provide support on a contract or ad hoc basis.

Finally, WSO2 (the company) offer their open source technology through a business model that includes the provision of high quality support and engineering services.


Our training is more than certificates and
qualifications, it’s about empowerment.

As an established WSO2 preferred partner, Chakray are uniquely placed to offer in house and remote training and certification.

Your staff can be trained on site, off site or remotely according to the needs of your organisation.

Following successful completion of our training they will be accredited and recognised for their knowledge of the platform.

Training can be provided as part of the handover of a project to be managed internally, can be offered as part of an induction process or simply on an adhoc basis.

Why Chakray?

Like many technologies, WSO2 is a truly global platform, and whilst adoption rates in the UK are strong and continue to increase, onshore WSO2 expertise can be difficult to locate.

Why WSO2?

Why WSO2?


at Chakray UK



Whether you are looking for an integration partner, or you just have a little problem to solve, please feel free to contact us by the method that suits you.

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