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The UK WSO2 Company
Consultancy & Delivery


A flexible suite of services designed to assist your implementation of WSO2.

Why Chakray?

Like many technologies, WSO2 is a truly global platform, and whilst adoption rates in the UK are strong and continue to increase, onshore WSO2 expertise can be difficult to locate.

Chakray are a global company in origin, but now have an established and independent bricks and mortar presence within the UK, servicing a number of high profile clients.

That means we can offer our clients in house services and on site development in addition to the more traditional offshore WSO2 remote services. Our clients tell us they prefer having our people working closely with them gaining a better understanding of their operation and communicating with their in house team.

Let’s Talk

Our experience in the UK covers names you know in Government, Automotive and Consulting, but also we have extensive experience working globally in sectors including Banking, Oil, Government, Telecoms and Health.

As a trusted WSO2 partner we can work with organisations in a variety of ways according to the needs of the project. Please visit our services page for more information about how we can work with you.

How we can helpContact Us

We can provide experienced, qualified WSO2 professionals both from the UK and overseas at a range of skill and seniority levels including developers and architects.

We also have extensive experience working with systems integrators.

Why WSO2?

Why WSO2?


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Whether you are looking for an integration partner, or you just have a little problem to solve, please feel free to contact us by the method that suits you.

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