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A flexible suite of services designed to assist your implementation of WSO2.

Why Chakray?

Like many technologies, WSO2 is a truly global platform, and whilst adoption rates in the UK are strong and continue to increase, onshore WSO2 expertise can be difficult to locate.

Why WSO2?

Why WSO2?

WSO2 is of course renowned for being an open source solution and that is why it features on the radar of many companies considering a new middleware technology.

Being open source is a great reason to consider WSO2... but that’s not why we want you to adopt it. We want you to choose WSO2 because it is the most capable, versatile and powerful middleware suite available. The zero fee licensing is just an added benefit.

Working together beautifully

WSO2 is a complete middleware technology, that gets all your different systems talking. It can quickly begin communicating with all your systems using a series of web hooks.

It can then standardise the communication process, both internally and externally by generating API’s.


WSO2 is trusted by leading companies, governments and institutions around the globe.

New systems

WSO2 can be the foundation of new infrastructure which will last your organisation for many years to come.

Being technology agnostic, WSO2 enables you to continue growing and improving your infrastructure without limiting your stack options.


It can also extend the life of established enterprise architecture by providing modern web services to systems that were not designed to be web service capable.

Multi Talented

WSO2 is most widely known for its ESB, but it has a range of
other products and services which really bring the platform to
life. Those include...


App Development






API Management


Discover insights into a range of WSO2 topics with Chakray's selection of Ebooks, available to download for free.


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Whether you are looking for an integration partner, or you just have a little problem to solve, please feel free to contact us by the method that suits you.

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